Lyna's garden - project - Signa

Alexis rives perso pose final
Alexis rives perso attaque final
Alexis rives lyna s character
First sketches
Alexis rives r2
sketch arms
Alexis rives signa
Alexis rives signa maid final
For fun
Alexis rives scientifique

It's about the 5th Year final project from Supinfogame. The objective, create a game demo.

So here is the first step of the project. I would talk about later when it will be more advanced. The only think I can say, it's a beat'em all -3D, third person.

And here the main character, Signa. An android created in the first place to help scientists in many task. But after a catastrophe, she's upgrade to a combat robot and her main objectif now is, destroy monsters ! ^-^

Her design gonna probably evolve a little with the time.